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walk around the eiffel tower
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Walk Around the Eiffel Tower

by Paris Attitude - 13/04/2016 -

For four decades, the Eiffel Tower was the largest building in the world. It was visited by 250 million people since 1889! It is the […]

Rent an apartment for sudent best way of studying
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Studying in France and find an apartment with limited budgets

by Paris Attitude - 03/03/2016 -

Be in the heart of the action with student accommodation in Paris Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international […]

Apartment to rent in Paris French lifestyle workplace
Find a Lodging in Paris

Rent Furnished Apartment in Paris to Enjoy French lifestyle

by Paris Attitude - 03/03/2016 -

Are you going to be spending time in Paris for conferences, work training and seminars or longer term placements? If so, think about renting apartments […]

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Things Left To Be Done: Get Around in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 03/03/2016 -

First of all, find your place Renting a comfortable furnished apartment in Paris is an authentic way to live like a Parisian and ensure an […]

Rent a student apartment or studio next to schools in Paris
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Where to rent your student apartment in Paris?

by Paris Attitude - 03/03/2016 -

What about right next to your Parisian schools? It’s easy to rent student apartments in Paris and usually it’s the most inexpensive option for budget minded […]

Find studio apartment in Paris for Student easy with Paris Attitude
Find a Student Apartment

Paris Studio Apartments Put You Right in the Action

by Paris Attitude - 03/03/2016 -

International students from all over the world choose to study in Paris, with many taking courses at the world-famous Sorbonne University. You might be coming […]