With a sauna and Jacuzzi, an apartment can be a re...

With a sauna and Jacuzzi, an apartment can be a relaxing holiday

The top 9 best vacations for relaxation in Paris

“People are always surprised when you do not leave Paris in the summer without understanding that it is exactly because they leave that you stay.” -Henry de Montherlant. At last, it’s holiday time in Paris! Visit as a family, with friends or enjoy it as a couple. It is all very pleasurable…provided that you have a private Jacuzzi with which to re-energize yourself. An apartment is better than a hotel because you can cook your own recipes, be surrounded by your own things and spend time doing what suits you. Especially if you’re not deprived of a rustic sauna, the irreplaceable Jacuzzi or, at the very least, a swimming pool. Because Paris Attitude knows you want everything right away, here is our selection of the most “relaxing” apartments.

ETAPE1A houseboat in Paris, let’s head to Trocadéro!

This 4-berdoom houseboat is 160 m² large. It is located on the Seine, Port Debilly, in the 16th arrondissement, right next to the Trocadero district. The closest metro station is Iena. This atypical apartment hosts 8 people. 800 2 houseboat800 houseboat 3 houseboat 800                       ETAPE2

750 m² to relax at home

This apartment large of 750 m² has 6 rooms. It is located rue Juliette Lamber in the 17th arrondissement. On the ground floor of a building built in the 20th-century, the house has 6 floors and welcomes 8 people. There is a fantastic basement with a swimming pool, a terrace in the top of the roof and a relaxing bathroom with jacuzzi, sauna, and hammam. swimming pool apartment 90352 swimming pool apartment 90352 swimming pool apartment 9035








ETAPE3A house in the heart of Paris

Ready to welcome 8 people, this 360 m² Hotel Particulier is located rue Perronet in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, on the ground floor of a 19th-century building. You are bound to relax with its indoor swimming pool and its garden. With 6 rooms and an elevator, this house is pretty much coveted. leisure resting apartment 105043 leisure resting apartment 10504 leisure resting apartment 10504








ETAPE4A capacity of 7 people in 260m² with a swimming pool and a relaxing bath

This stunning hometown of 4 rooms is hosted by a 20th-century building Avenue Céline à Neuilly Sur Seine. On the second floor, there is a master bedroom and its bathroom. Let’s head to the third floor to find two other rooms. At last but not least, in the basement, you will find a relaxing space with a swimming pool, a hammam, a laundry and two separated toilets. 11154 refreshing stay 211154 refreshing stay 1 11154 refreshing stay                   ETAPE5

300 m² in Montorgueil for 6 people

With 4 rooms, this fabulous loft is located rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement. 20m2 of luxurious gym and spa facility in the cellar, 8m high ceiling, and 125m² of living room make the atmosphere of this apartment both luxurious and relaxing. peace in an apartment 1111 peace in an apartment 111 2 peace in an apartment 111                   ETAPE6

A 2-bedroom loft in Montmartre: 130m² with Jacuzzi and Hammam

This apartment with 3 bedrooms is held in a 20th-century building, rue du Delta in the 9th arrondissement. Since 4 people fit, this apartment will seduce you with its splendid bathroom and the sauna. relaxing holidays 94843 relaxing holidays 9484relaxing holidays 9484                                   ETAPE7

A house in the heart of the city, it is 270 m² of well-being in Paris

This apartment has 5 bedrooms and is located in the 10th arrondissement rue Vicq d’Azir. On the ground floor, of a modern building, it is able to host 7 people. This apartment has a terrace and is fully equipped including a washing machine, a dryer, a dishwasher and more. You will be delighted to relax while watching cable TV, with unlimited high-speed internet and access to the wifi. The terrace is enjoyable. 12055 relax paris apartment1 relaxation paris 12055 12055 relax paris apartment 1                   ETAPE8

A bright apartment, calm to relax in the heart of Paris

This apartment which has 6 rooms and is 240 m² large, was built in a stunning architecture. Natural light, relaxing colors and high standing, what else to rest in the city of light? Located rue Jules Cesar in the 12th arrondissement, it hosts 13 people! 1 relaxation quite apartment 4732 relaxation quite apartment 473 473 relax paris apartment 2                   ETAPE9

A house next to the Seine

This triplex 100m² large takes place on the ground floor of a 19th-century building, located rue St Dominique in the 7th arrondissement. 3 floors and 6 beds, this apartment offers a calm environment. With its atypical coating made of stone or wood, this place is fully equipped and hosts a secret garden as well as a terrace. relaxing apartment 5717relaxing apartment 5717 1 relaxing apartment 5717

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