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Choose an Apartment in Paris for Your Clients

by Paris Attitude - 11/08/2016 -

Find a Parisian apartment to suit any client Paris is full of properties, but not all of them have the quality and convenience needed to […]

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Host Partners in Paris

Furnished apartments for the American university of Paris and other academic institutions

by Paris Attitude - 11/08/2016 -

Your student rental solution in Paris As a student or university administrator, you know that student rentals in Paris can be difficult to source on […]

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The Parisian Guide

The 20th arrondissement in all its diversity

by Paris Attitude - 08/08/2016 -

The 20th arrondissement (district) is well known and appreciated for its diversity and authenticity, and it is also perfect for families. It is ideally situated […]

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8 steps to rent an apartment with Paris Attitude

by Paris Attitude - 28/07/2016 -

Whether you’re on a business trip, studying in Paris, or just taking a tour of the capital, make the most of your visit by being […]

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Host Partners in Paris

Paris Furnished Apartments for your Embassy Needs

by Paris Attitude - 14/04/2016 -

Accommodations for Embassy guests or staff There are many reasons that may bring visitors to an Embassy, including dignitaries and their staffs. Savvy Embassy staff […]

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Where to stay in Paris? Our multilingual advisers have the answer

by Paris Attitude - 13/04/2016 -

Our team of advisers speaks your language When you are wondering where to stay in Paris, it helps to have the advice of a trusted […]