A full guide to prepare your next stay in Paris

A full guide to prepare your next stay in Paris

Whether you’ve been thinking about coming to Paris or returning to the City of Love, there are so many reasons to enjoy Paris. While some travelers venture for professional reasons, others journey simply to experience the pleasure of living in this beautiful city, full of magical, serendipitous moments. And with its unique atmosphere, comprised of a city of history consecrated in monuments, many vibrant neighborhoods and a thriving, multicultural population, it’s easy to see why. To make sure you find the right place for you and hit the ground running, Paris Attitude helps you navigate this new chapter of your life.

Living in Paris to live the Parisian way is Paris Attitude’s guiding philosophy.

Before you commit to your stay – and to make sure that you’re well-prepared – take the time to read through our guide. Follow these tips to make your next reservation within Paris Attitude even easier and faster.

Set your budget

You probably experience this in your home town as well but rent is often the largest monthly expense in your budget. It is important that you take the time to estimate the expenses you will have to pay each month and to define the maximum amount of rent that you’ll be ready, able and willing to pay for your next stay in Paris.

At Paris Attitude, we offer a wide range of apartments to suit your particular budget and living style. But, when searching out the right apartment in Paris, specificity is always best. The more precise you can be about your rent amount, the better our advisors will be able to guide you through to the best offer for your need.


Choose from multiple tempting neighborhoods

In Paris, you are spoiled for choice: there are 20 arrondissements and about 80 districts in Paris, each with its own atmosphere.

Paris Attitude offers you furnished apartments near the most popular Parisian neighborhoods. From the Champs-Élysées to Montmartre, Saint-Louis Island and all the boroughs of the capital, our team will find you the apartment you need at the price that suits you.

If you do not know Paris very well, but you’re definitely planning to lay your head in this city, consult our neighborhood guide.

Of course you can also ask our dedicated team for advice. Our advisors are always on hand to dispel those useful nuggets of information. We’re well-informed about Paris’s ever-evolving neighborhoods and we can offer you a couple of options that would fulfill your wishlist.


Plan your stay in advance

As far as apartments go, we have more than 3,000. But only one amongst these 3,000 is going to be your gem, so to speak. That’s why you want to make sure that you plan as far in advance as possible. This way, you can make sure that, when you do find that gem, you can actually book it.

The more in advance you can plan and book, the wider range of available apartments you’ll end up having access to.

Of course, there are sometimes situations where you have no other choice than to book last minute. But know that you’re not alone: our advisers have navigated hundreds of specific requests and searches so we’re well-positioned to help you find the apartment of your dreams – and we won’t stop until you find the right one for you!


Consider whom you’ll be staying with

Family, friends, a couple, with colleagues, going solo – no matter what you’re living arrangement preference, we have luxury apartments ranging from studios to five-room apartments. All our furnished apartments will ensure you experience comfort and connection to the city, making your stay totally unforgettable.

However, if you’ll be travelling alone for a period of several months, you may want to choose an apartment that can still accommodate at least one of your loved ones.


Prepare all the necessary documents

At Paris Attitude, for each rental, we ask you for some documents to build your file. Building your file with the all the necessary documents will help streamline and expedite the booking and reservation process. Our role in your journey is to help you build a strong renter’s candidacy file so that the owner of the apartment is reassured on your financial capacity to pay the rent.
So, really, this process is designed to make sure you’ve got an undeniable advantage.

For your next reservation, consider preparing the following documents:
• Your ID / Passport
• Your last 3 payslips
• Your tax bill
• Your employment contract or an employer’s certificate/letter
• Proof of address
• If you are a student, it will be necessary to provide us with the documents of your guarantor as well as a certificate of schooling

Note that you’ll need to send these documents as PDFs, via email.


That’s all you need. These tips, coupled with our advisers, will help you better prepare for your next trip to Paris.

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