Mix Parisian life with shopping: The street style ...

Mix Parisian life with shopping: The street style of a Parisian fashionista

Can you start by introducing yourself to us?

My name is Justine and I am a communication student in Paris. I’m 22 and live in Batignolles. At the moment I am studying at ISCOM where I’m lucky enough to combine my two passions: communication and fashion. I am happy to be living in Paris as it’s recognized all around as the fashion capital of the world, but also because businesses located in the Île-de-France neighborhood offer many opportunities, whether it’s for internships that help you create a professional network or your dream job in fashion.

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean precisely by “the fashion capital of the world”?

Historically, France has always had a strong focus on fashion. When Louis XIV built Versailles, France quickly gathered a reputation as a fashion capital, with Paris at its heart. Today, the tradition is continued with the shows of Paris Fashion Week. Every fashion season, the Paris edition closes the Fashion week, followed by New York, London, and Milan. Then the French influence on the fashion and luxury sectors is really showcased. Brands like Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are dream names, known across the globe and especially in Asia. As well as being part of Paris Fashion Week, these brands also organize their own events around the world.

Can you tell us about your French Style today?

I am very interested in current fashion trends but I also try to dress in practical and comfortable clothes, because in Paris, I am always walking and taking the Metro. That is why I prefer not to wear heels. I style Dr. Martens with Levi’s jeans, a white Zara shirt, Topshop jacket and a bag from Carven. I bought this bag in a private sale: a Press Sale organized by the Arlettie company, which offers great deals on end of season premium and luxury brands. Simply go online to register, pay an annual subscription of forty euros and you have immediate access to their offers. For example, I bought this bag for 70EUR instead of 400. I plan my outfits for the day depending on my agenda, my mood and the season. I also try to match colors and throw in bright touches to avoid a somber look. In Paris, we see a lot of black and gray on the streets, but I think there is enough variety in French fashion to let us wear more color and be proud of the fact that Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Luckily the younger generation seems to be less strict and is not afraid to wear colorful outfits. Personally, I am someone who has quite an optimistic character and colors let me show this trait: color is optimism.

Can you tell us about your how you shop, like a shopping guide?

I shop in city stores and online, choosing not just French brands but also English labels, such as Topshop. I also shop from Asos, which I love for their varied lines. My favorite names are both French and English, but I also buy some well known American brands, like Levi’s, Nike, and Brandy & Melville.

For shoppers in Paris, I recommend Rue de Rennes and Châtelet where there are major retailers as well as concept stores selling clothing from small fashion names. These are not generally known but can deliver beautiful surprises. For example, Chez Maman sells lovely women’s watches and jewelry. That’s what I like about Paris, you find big chain stores next to small, individual shops that are full of charm.

A little advice on housing for shoppers in Paris?

Boulevard Haussmann is near Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette, as well as St. Lazare train station, which lets shoppers travel easily around the city. Other areas I recommend are St-Germain-des-Près and Chatelet. For newcomers to Paris, I suggest having a look at websites such as The which gives good advice not only on where to shop but also on leisure activities, restaurants, theater, cinema and so on.

When you go home after a trip to the shops, what is important?

I like to relax watching a movie or a TV series while drinking tea or coffee and eating pizza, so my sofa and cushions are very important. I’m fortunate enough to have a bedroom separate from the living room and most importantly a dressing room where I store all of my clothes and have a shoe closet.

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