Did You Know That Some Unusual Animals Have Been F...

Did You Know That Some Unusual Animals Have Been Found in Paris?

Paris Attitude’s has conducted an investigation in order to share with you the top 5 of the most unlikely animals found in Paris. These animals were mostly found in the River Seine.

1 – A snake

In 2012, police officers from the river brigade fished out a 3m-long snake weighing almost 40 kilos. This reptile resembled a python.
It was found in a state of decomposition. The police assumed that the snake had been abandoned by its owner.
When these animals reach adult size, they can pose a real problem of cohabitation, especially in urban areas with an unsuitable climate.

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2 – A Pacu

In 2013, an angler found a strange fish at the end of his line. It was a Pacu, a cousin of the Piranha. According to Paris police headquarters, it is also likely a pet abandoned by its owner.
Imagine yourself in the shoes of the fisherman standing face to face with this fearsome animal and its scary teeth!



3 – An alligator snapping turtle

In June 2009, while a little old man was taking his Sunday walk, he saw a strange creature in the Seine. It was actually an alligator snapping turtle. This reptile is considered dangerous, and it can weigh up to 100 kilos!  Despite its length of just 40 cm, this turtle had a shell covered with horns, the tail of an alligator, and a beak that can cut your hand.

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4 – A crocodile

7 March 1984, Paris sewer workers found themselves confronted with a very strange creature indeed. Firefighters were called in to intercept the animal. It was in fact of a crocodile about 80 cm in length. “We stopped him with a shovel and brooms and we muzzled him with string!” The veterinarian from the Zoo came to take him away. He estimated it to be about two years old and figured it had spent a month or two in the sewer. It was warm and there was live prey available, such as rats. So the vet quickly looked for a place to house this small Nile crocodile. He thought of a friend who wanted to realize his childhood dream: opening an aquarium in Vannes. This small crocodile was placed in the aquarium of Vannes where he still lives peacefully.

5 – A wolf

In 1972, a wolf was found in Paris’ Parc Monceau. Its owner thought he had bought a dog. The animal in question had become aggressive and wild. He escaped and was found in the park.
A veterinarian examined the animal and confirmed that it was a wolf.







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