Top 5 Street Art Spots in Paris

Top 5 Street Art Spots in Paris

In Paris, as in a great number of cities around the world, street art is found on every street corner. Some artists prefer popular passageways for a greater visibility while others linger in the smaller hidden streets of Paris. Here is a selection of great street art spots that you simply cannot miss!

Rue de l’Ourcq, 19th arrondissement

Not far from the Canal de l’Ourcq in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, you can witness beautiful frescos. Here, we find the colorful characters of Da Cruz, urban landscapes and the famous lines of Artof Popof. On the façade of the Petit Ceinture metro line, artists let their imaginations run wild. A beautiful way to decorate this obsolete area.

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Place Igor Stravinsky, 4th arrondissement


Credit Silver_12

The Place Stravinsky square features Jef Aérosol: the famous French “stencilist” from the first urban art wave during the 1980s. His work called “Chuuuttt” (Shhhhh!) is an enormous stencil overlooking the Stravinsky fountain . It depicts a 350m² wide-eyed face holding his index finger up to his mouth, reminding us to be mindful of the noise we make in the city of Paris. This piece of street art is the most popular among tourists. At the same time, it is located in a strategic area, right next to the Georges Pompidou Center.

Serge Gainsbourg wall, 7th arrondissement


Credit Anne-Christelle

On 5 rue de Verneuil in the 7th arrondissement, there are hundreds of graffiti drawings by fans who come to pay tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, a famous French singer. Many collages, stencils and graffiti cover this wall and create an almost unified work of art, giving each person the freedom to express him or herself.

Skate park of Bercy, 12th arrondissement


Credit Arthur G

Today, the skate park of Bercy is THE place to be for Parisian riders. Often jam-packed with kids on roller skates, it is also a hot spot for street art in Paris. It is covered in colorful graffiti, including some that are not necessarily very elaborate. It is mostly the names the graffiti artists who passed by and wanted to leave their mark. As a result, the skate park of Bercy looks like an old New York squat from the 1980s.

Wall of the L’Européen, 18th arrondissement



In September 2010, several street artists, including Jef Aérosol, got together to repaint the wall of the L’Européen concert hall on 5 rue Biot in the 18th arrondissement. On the wall, you can easily pick out the famous characters of Jef Aérosol thanks to the red arrows encircling them, the wildlife of Mosko and the symbolic characters of Mesnager. A joyful combination that almost seems to bring the wall to life.

Featuring Shaka, a talented Parisian artist


Credit morac19

Shaka is a Parisian street artist with an incredible talent, which he expresses through very bright colors. The sky is his limit. He creates both magical and realistic works. His plan is to promote street art in the streets by displaying it as a form of contemporary art that was popular during the 70s and 80s. He considers a simple canvas too restrictive and confining in terms of capacity for creative expression. His main subject of expression is his abjection for human behavior. For this, he uses scenes of human beings with obvious flaws. His art is even exported to England.




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