Should i go through a real estate agency to rent a...

Should i go through a real estate agency to rent an apartment?

Parisian agencies do not always have the resources to help you in your search for temporary rental and furnished apartments. Real experts are rare on this market.

How does a furnished rental agency add value?

A good agent can often identify vacant apartments in your budget and facilitate appointments to see them quickly… a feat that could take you days or even weeks by yourself. They also know the market and can immediately tell you if your expectations are realistic. This element alone can save you weeks of searching for something that does not exist..

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Calling on a furnished apartment hunter to find your custom-built accommodation.

Additionally, if you do not have an extensive network of contacts in the city, a professional can be your only chance to get a quality, “decent rent” apartment

What is the benefit of going through a professional?

  • You will have access to apartments that are not listed publicly
  • Getting advice from a professional who knows the market
  • A professional allows you to save time

How do I describe my search effectively?

The key to describing your project and getting effective answers is to include enough information for the real estate agency to identify your project.
In other words, you need to put on your salesman hat. Your email should show your future landlord that you are not wasting their time.

What you should include in your application:
  • Your name
  • How they can contact you
  • Your qualifications as a tenant (wages, is your company paying, etc.)
  • Your search wishes (location, size, number of tenants, etc.)
  • Specify that you are ready to sign a lease QUICKLY
  • Always end with a “call to action” (i.e. – please contact me so we can schedule a more detailed conversation)
What you must leave out:
  • Too much personal information
  • Anything that is not relevant to move the process forward

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