Shakespeare&Co: The Café!

After years (approximately four decades, in fact), Paris’ most famous bookshop, Shakespeare & Co. has finally realised a dream – opening a café. Just next door to the green shop-front that has become a beloved icon of the city, a lovely corner café has opened its doors full of literary nods, freshly baked goodies, the occasional book, and a laidback clientele.

The view of Notre Dame just across the river is pretty priceless, but there’s much more than just the view to draw you there. There’s the original retro tiled flooring from the 1970s to balance out the bright and airy decor, the rough stone walls, and the genuine belief that coffee and books go hand in hand. Harking back to a time when intellectuals and great thinkers would meet to share ideas, philosophies, plans and schemes, Shakespeare & Co. is aligning itself with the timeless ideals that make it such a touchstone for culture, reading, writing, meeting and discussing in Paris.

With a menu of wholesome snacks and light meals, the Shakespeare & Co. café is feeding the body as well as the soul! Vegetarians will be more than happy with the chiefly meat-free offering, and healthy folk will love the fresh juices and organic ingredients. And where do all the tempting goodies come from? Another Paris institution – Bob’s Bake Shop. Founded in 2006 by Bob himself, a juice bar soon gave rise to a whole range of Bob’s outposts, with fresh, imaginative fare being the order of the day. At Shakespeare & Co. you’ll find bagels, scones, gluten-free options, flapjacks and buns.

But the great partnerships don’t stop there – the coffee beans are from Café Lomi in the 18th arrondissement, a Prais roastery that provides beans for some of the most discerning cafés in the city. But perhaps our favourite masterstroke is the availability of picnic baskets for those quintessential Paris picnics by the Seine, just a few steps away from Shakespeare & Co.’s front door. In the basket you’ll find a blanket, wine and snacks….what more could you ask for?

37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris
Open Monday – Friday 10h – 18h30
Saturday & Sunday, 10h – 19h30

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