Paris Attitude, the 1st furnished rental agency to...

Paris Attitude, the 1st furnished rental agency to integrate Facebook Messenger in its customer relations

Paris Attitude is increasing its efforts to make its service more efficient by taking advantage of new technologies. Today, we make it possible for our customers and prospects to use the Messenger application. Well-known by Facebook users, this application is a way for Paris Attitude to interact with travelers or future tenants differently, by providing them with a fast, personalized, “one to one” service, fully integrated with their daily “tool”.

The Messenger application, previously available only for individuals, is now available for businesses as well. With over 32 million monthly active users, including 28 million on mobile, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services in France.

“Today, by using Messenger, we are taking a new step in our relationship with our customers. It is essential to be closer to their needs and their usage if we want to better support them.”

Facebook Messenger has many advantages: ease of use, a conversation history is kept by the client, and there’s no need to create yet another user account to obtain the information they need to find their future apartment.

Therefore, you just need to have a Facebook Messenger account to start a conversation with us.

Prospects and customers can ask any question they want to Paris Attitude advisors: request information about apartments and services, and receive accommodation offers matching their projects. And they can start the conversation again with Paris Attitude at any time from Facebook Messenger (on their smartphone, tablet, or computer).

“As we have been testing it for a few months, we notice much better results and we are closer to our customers even when they are on the other side of the world. Messaging services have finally blown up some technical or psychological barriers to focus on the essential, i.e. the human interaction and counsel that are at the heart of our business.”

Contact our team now with 1 click through Facebook Messenger to reserve your apartment.

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