Things to remember when you’re about to leav...

Things to remember when you’re about to leave furnished accommodation

  • Inform the owner by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt if you wish to have an early departure, in accordance with the notice.
  • Agree with them to make an appointment for the outgoing inventory of fixtures.
  • Clean and tidy up the place before the inventory of fixtures.
  • Make sure you do not forget anything in the cupboards or drawers.
  • Try to keep a French bank account open to receive the security deposit that will be returned to you within a maximum of 2 months after your departure.
  • If you know your future address, whether permanent or temporary, you can ask La Poste (post office) to redirect your mail. You have to pay for this service.
  • Leave your new contact information to your landlord if information needs to be exchanged

CAUTION : During the outgoing inventory of fixtures, you will have to leave the keys to the owner and definitively leave the place.

Terminating the lease

The notice for furnished accommodation is usually one month. Within this timeframe, you must send your registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, in which you indicate the day you wish to leave the accommodation.

Outgoing inventory of fixtures

Refund of security deposit
On the day of your departure, you will establish an inventory of fixtures with the owner (which will be compared to the incoming one), and you will give them the keys. You limit the risk of conflict with them if, before the outgoing inventory of fixtures, you clean the house properly and make the repairs that are under your responsibility (changing the seals on the faucets, filling the holes in the walls, etc.)..

In any case, you must return the accommodation in the condition you found it, unless you had a special agreement with the owner.
If no damage is found in the house at the time of the inventory of fixtures, the owner is obliged to reimburse you the entirety of the deposit within the month following your departure (2 months in case damages are found)

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