Tenant charter

Tenant charter

Ache apartamento melhor Paris

Respecting the owner of the accommodation

To this end, the tenant agrees to :

  • Regularly pay the rent, without delay, including the one for the last month of occupation; the security deposit cannot be considered as a rent;
  • Pay all charges and taxes not included in the rent (residential tax, water bills, electricity, etc.). Agree to pay extra charges in case of over-consumption (water, electricity, gas, etc.);
  • Allow the lessor or his representative to enter the house to perform work they are responsible for, or to organize a visit in case they want to rent or sell the place (during hours you agreed upon and by appointment);
  • Notify the owner in writing of their desire to leave the house; usually 1 month before the end of the lease in the case of a lodging. Respect the notice provided for in the lease in case of early departure;
  • Hand over the apartment keys on the day of the outgoing inventory of fixtures.

Respecting the rented accommodation

To this end, the tenant agrees to :

  • Occupy the house as a “good family man”, i.e. under normal conditions, without excess or misbehavior:
  • Abstain from any disturbance or excessive noise and respect neighbors at any time, especially after 10pm ;
  • Take care of the place and the furniture by maintaining them regularly and keeping them clean;
  • Respect the common areas by leaving them clean;
  • Refrain from transforming the place, or moving furniture and equipment (in the case of a furnished dwelling), except with the consent of the owner;
  • Answer for deteriorations in the house and common areas, and promptly perform any rental repairs that are incumbent, or involve the home insurance company if necessary;
  • – Hand over the house in the same condition it was found, clean and without degradation.

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