Discover the Gigantic National Natural History Mus...

Discover the Gigantic National Natural History Museum of Paris

An essential museum in Paris, the National Natural History Museum has existed for over 400 years. The Museum is dedicated primarily to nature and its relationship with humans, by studying the past but working for the future as well. A must-see in the City of Light.

The Museum has the distinction of being composed of 12 different sites, distributed throughout France. However, its historic heart is indeed Paris, and especially the famous botanical garden (Jardin des plantes), combining various gardens, greenhouses, galleries and even a zoo, all telling the story of biodiversity. Right in the middle of Paris, are also the Museum of Man and the Paris Zoo, as well as two other sites in the area. Quick presentations :

1. The mind-blowing Jardin des plantes

You should come for a walk in the botanical garden (Jardin des Plantes) where your senses will be awakened in this beautiful setting. The Jardin des Plantes is actually composed of 11 different gardens, each with their own atmosphere; like the alpine garden, the peony garden, and even a maze! It’s a feast for the eyes and most of the gardens don’t cost a thing ! The site even has its own zoo !

Jardin des Plantes - Paris Attitude

Credit Jean-pierre Dalbéra

Above all, this site is home to the Galleries, each one more incredible than the last. Among them are the Gallery of Evolution, a must-visit place that will make you rediscover the evolution of biodiversity on land and at see, across the entire planet, and the Anatomy and Paleontology Gallery exhibits bones as far as the eye can see !

Galerie de l evolution - Paris Attitude

Credit Knowtex

Not to be missed: Until November 3rd, the Night exhibition at the great Gallery of Evolution showcases over 350 specimens exhibited at the museum through the play of light, sound devices and quizzes.

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2. The Museum of Man

Currently under construction, it will open its doors again in late 2015, welcoming the new research center on human evolution. This museum tells the story of the origin of man, human nature, and the relationship between nature and man. Come discover some unique pieces from the Palaeolithic era, or unique fossils of Cro Magnon man.

Trocadero - Paris Attitude

Credit Paul Downey

Pending its reopening, the museum is organizing extramural exhibitions at various Parisian cultural venues. For example, you can see an exhibition of photographs by Jean-Christophe Domenech at the International Pole of Prehistory in Les Eyzies until November 10, 2014.

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3. The essential Paris Zoo, AKA the Zoo de Vincennes

As soon as you walk in, you find yourself totally immersed in nature, surrounded by all kinds of vines. Let yourself get carried away by landscapes from every continent: from Patagonia to Antarctica, from the African Savannah to Europe, Nearly 180 species and over a thousand animals waiting for a world tour of biodiversity!

Zoo de Vincennes - Paris Attitude

Credit Claude Valette
Credit Rog01

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