The Loveliest Hidden Streets of Paris

The Loveliest Hidden Streets of Paris

With over 6000 roads, Paris totals over 1,700 kilometers of streets you can wander.

Among the best known are the rue de la Paix, the boulevard Saint-Germain, the rue Montorgueil, the avenue des Champs-Elysées and many more. Today, we’ve decided to introduce you to a few very secret streets, scattered around the four corners of the capital. Unknown to the general public and even many Parisians, they hide some fabulous mysteries to be discovered and are worth crossing the whole city to set foot on them.

Cité Durmar – 11th Arrondissement

Adjacent to the famous rue Oberkampf (AKA rue de la Soif for Parisians) is the Cité Durmar draws its name from Monsieur Durmar, the owner. This small cobblestone traditional courtyard is particularly flowery and lined with artists’ workshops which are more or less rundown. Don’t be surprised to come across a few pieces of bodywork or giant frames, that’s the charm of this incredibly unusual place. A cheerful bric-a-brac with a countryside-like feel.

Metro: Ménilmontant (Line 2)

Villa Léandre – 18th Arrondissement

Villa Leandre - 18th Arrondissement

Credit Mbzt

Perpendicular to the Avenue Junot (the most chic Street in Montmartre), at the foot of the hill, is an oasis of peace: Villa Léandre, formerly Villa Junot. A small cobblestone cul-de-sac, quiet and picturesque, lined with twenty British style houses. Once inhabited mainly by artists, today it is home to families who have taken up residence here for its calm and discretion. It is a unique place that needs no explanation.

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Metro: Larmarck-Caulaincourt (Line 12)

Rue Crémieux – 12th Arrondissement

Rue Cremieux – 12th Arrondissement

Credit Denis6181

With its colorful facades, many wall decorations and trompe-l’oeil paintings, the rue Crémieux is definitely one of the most beautiful and unusual streets in Paris. Located near the Gare de Lyon, perpendicular to the rue de Bercy, this small pedestrian street attracts more and more curious visitors and lovers of beautiful pictures. A real pleasant interlude that would be a shame to miss.

Metro: Gare de Lyon (Lines 1 & 14)

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Square des Peupliers – 13th Arrondissement

Square des Peupliers – 13th Arrondissement

Credit Carnet aux Petites Choses

A stone’s throw from la Butte aux Cailles, this small triangular private road offers a country atmosphere in the heart of the city. Lush, abundant vegetation transports us to a quiet place, far from Paris. It is a true hidden paradise that says goodbye to noise, crowds and pollution, in the time it takes to enjoy a bucolic stroll among brick houses, micro-gardens and actual bells instead of electric doorbells.

Metro: Tolbiac (Line 7)

Villa Dietz-Monnin – 16th Arrondissement

Villa Dietz-Monnin – 16th Arrondissement

Credit Claireinparis1

In the southern part of the 16th arrondissement, not far from the old Village of Auteuil, you can find many Villas (private cul-de-sacs). Some are fully privatized, but others are (almost) easily accessible, like the Villa Dietz-Monin. Wedged between the rue Boileau and the rue Michel Ange, this little hamlet protected against prying eyes, offers a true bubble of greenery, right near the Porte de Saint-Cloud. Beautiful semi-detached houses, very mini small gardens and charm abound. And yes, you are in Paris! If these houses were mainly reserved for workers, today they are very much sought-after by buyers!

Metro: Porte de Saint-Cloud (Line 9)
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