The Handy Traveler’s Guide (Part II)

The Handy Traveler’s Guide (Part II)

In a previous article, we provided information on the Parisian public transportation system, student life and money. Now you will learn where to find international newspapers in Paris or advice if your pet comes with you during your stay.


Everyday life


The Handy Traveler's Guide | Paris Attitude

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If you come to Paris with your pet, you have to follow certain rules: Your pet must be tattooed or microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and have a European passport for pets.
Small lap dogs are tolerated on public transportation if kept on a leash or held in a basket. This is not the case in grocery stores where pets are forbidden. Dog owners are required to use pooper scoopers or face a fine (€ 45). Only recognized assistance dogs are allowed in museums. Many parks prohibit dogs, notified by signs at the entry gates. Some gardens, like Georges Brassens Park, have set up trails for dogs.


Newspapers | Paris Attitude

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In Paris you can easily find daily or weekly papers/magazines from your country or at least in your language, as almost all international press comes to Paris.
Twenty or so foreign language bookshops can be found in Paris, where you can pick up many classics as well as contemporary authors.
FUSAC is a magazine full of classified ads aimed at the English-speaking international community of Paris.
If you wish to stay informed of all the current shows and exhibitions in the city, you should know that the major French newspapers publish a weekly listing of all the Parisian attractions: Aden for Le Monde newspaper and Figaroscope for the Figaro newspaper. You will also find this information in special magazines such as The Pariscope and L’Officiel des Spectacles.



You are a witness to or a victim of an accident and your medical condition requires immediate attention? Here you can find a list of emergency numbers to call if such a problem occurs:

Fire Department – 18
Police – 17
Ambulance – 15
Poison control center – 01 40 05 48 48
SOS Doctor – 01 47 07 77 77
SOS Dentist – 01 43 37 51 00



During your stay in Paris, it may be helpful to know some basic French phrases for shopping, visiting a museum or simply requesting information. We have comprised a short condensed vocabulary that could come in handy to you.

Hello Bonjour | Paris Attitude

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Good morning/afternoon/hello bonjour ; Good evening bonsoir ; Ok d’accord ; Yes oui ; No non ; How are you ? Comment allez vous? ; Sir/Mr monsieur ; Madam/Mrs madame ; Miss mademoiselle ; Please s’il vous plait ; Thank you merci ; Sorry pardon ; Excuse me excusez-moi ; I am going to pay je vais payer ; Do you speak English? Parlez vous anglais? ; I don’t speak French je ne parle pas Français ; I don’t understand je ne comprends pas ; Speak more slowly please parlez plus doucement s’il vous plait ; Forbidden interdit ; Out of order hors service.

At the restaurant

The Handy Traveler's Guide | Paris Attitude

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I’d like to book a table (for 3 at 8pm) je voudrais réserver une table (pour 3 personnes à 20 heures) ; Lunch déjeuner ; Dinner diner ; Coffee café ; Tea thé ; Wine vin ; Beer bière ; Mineral water eau minérale; Sparkling water eau gazeuse ; Tap water carafe d’eau, The bill please l’addition s’il vous plait.

For shopping
Cheap pas cher ; Expensive cher ; How much/how many ? Combien ; Have you got change ? Avez vous de la monnaie ; I’ll take it je le prends ; May I try this on ? Est ce que je peux essayer ? Do you have a smaller/larger size ? Avez-vous la taille en dessous / au dessus ?

During your visits and walks

Visits and walks | Paris Attitude

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Where is the nearest métro ? Où est la métro le plus proche? ; When is the next train for ? Quand est le prochain train pour ? Ticket billet ; Station gare ; Platform quai ; Entrance entrée ; Exit sortie ; Left gauche ; Right droite ; Straight on tout droit ; Far loin ; Near près ; Museum musée ; Church église ; Exhibition exposition ; Ticket (theather, concert) place ; Open ouvert ; Closed fermé ; Free gratuit ; Reduced price tarif réduit.

Looking for an apartment in Paris ?


Where to sleep in Paris | Paris Attitude




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