Les Caves du Louvre – A Unique Wine Tasting ...

Les Caves du Louvre – A Unique Wine Tasting Experience in Paris

Opened in October 2015, 21st century wine tasting meets an 18th century cave (cellar) at the beautifully designed Caves du Louvre. A feast for the five senses, this cutting-edge wine tasting experience is a totally unique concept in Paris, showcasing the vaulted stone walls and mysterious atmosphere of a typical Paris cave and adding a contemporary twist with interactive technology.


A real hidden gem full of surprises, you’ll find Les Caves du Louvre right in the heart of Paris, beneath an 18th century hotel particulier or mansion, once home to one of the leading manufacturers in Paris. The concept at Les Caves is as compelling as the setting – keen to stay away from a straightforward museum, without interaction or inspiration, the creators of Les Caves have designed something completely new. Dynamic and interactive, the low-lit stone caverns of Les Caves are home to inspired exhibits that will guide you through the world of wine.

And how does this “tour” take place? In truly 21st century style. With a downloadable app included in the ticket price, your smartphone is your guide! Available in ten languages, the app will lead you through Les Caves at your own pace, that’s over 600m2 of videos, explanations, anecdotes, and even a quiz! As much an art installation as it is an informative, evocative experience, Les Caves du Louvre conjure up not just the wine itself but the rich culture that surrounds it.

Five steps incorporate one sense at a time – you’ll progress through touch, scent, taste, sound and sight, starting with the rich terroirs, the methods of viticulture, regional methods, before testing your sense of smell with 42 aromas. Then, it’s on to the tasting, at a glittering 7-metre table, before discovering the different bottling techniques and a rainbow of bottles wine colours.

Reserve on the website, find out more, or stop in to reserve your spot on one of the public tours – lasting about 45 minutes and charged at €11. With various packages available, head to to find out more.

52 rue de l’Arbre Sec – 75001 Paris

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