15 places to visit in République

15 places to visit in République

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Republic is a place of contrasts, both exciting in equal measure. During the day, it is a hotbed of culture as hundreds of people move down the streets to nearby shops, cafes, and recreational spots. As soon as the night-lights come on, the exciting nightlife awakens. The following guide shares some of the must-see places and things to do in Republique.

A Lively Mix of Arts and Culture

Republique has a lively culture centered on the arts and recreation. If you are traveling with children, you can take them to enjoy a day out at the circus. Afterward, you can take a 20-minute walk to the Grand Rex cinema for a movie. However, the place is mainly known for the daytime when the trove of art theaters spread out around the area.

The Maison des Metallos

The Maison des Metallos used to host the headquarters of the French metallurgy union. It has evolved to become one of the most significant galleries for rising artists. The spaces host a wide range of performances and exhibitions, including dance, theater, slam poetry, and photography. They also host a series of cultural workshops and art development sessions.

The Canal Saint-Martin

Located in the 10th Arrondissement of the city, Canal Saint-Martin is one of the must-see places in Paris. A countless number of shops and cafes flank the 2-8-mile stretch of water. In spring and summertime, a trove of locals and tourists troop to the banks for picnics and romantic dates. There is a lot more to do in this area, like cycling or jogging across the street. If you want an even better experience, you can go on a boat ride along the canal.

A La Folie Theater

A la Folie Theater is a friendly neighborhood ensemble, featuring a mix of classical and contemporary drama. They have a fantastic list of children’s shows on offer, and a collection of comedy, drama, and go-between plays. They also host development workshops for aspiring thespians, which are open to both children and adults. It would be a great place to enjoy a fun-filled activity day for the entire family.


L’Alhambra hit the headlines when it was heard that Lady Gaga used to be a regular performed before she was famous. Despite the fame, the music has stuck to its artistic ambiance while still drawing a series of A-list and upcoming performance. On a typical day, it stages concerts for heavy metal, pop, rock, and slam poetry. It is a perfect stopover during a wild, night out.

La Menagerie de Verre

La Menagerie de Verre used to house a printing works business. In a complete transformation, it was turned to an experimental arts center, where different disciplines are brought life. They have a mixture of plays, dance, and contemporary art exhibitions. Occasionally, they bring in experienced artists for training workshops.

Nightlife in Republique

As the city that invented streetlights, Paris has a lot to offer for anyone who enjoys partying all night. Nighttime around Republique is particularly exciting with dozens of fancy bars and high-toned nightclubs. It is conveniently close to some of the hottest joints in Paris. Even if you want to go to a more relaxing environment, you will always find a suitable place nearby.

Chez Prune

Chez Prune is ideal for wild chatter and music enthusiasts. Any newcomer to the place will quickly notice youth and high energy of the patrons. Indeed, many locals consider it one of the trendiest bars in the region. It has an expansive terrace, from where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the Canal Saint-Martin.

Nouveau Casino

If your musical taste buds go beyond the mainstream culture, you might want to check out the Nouveau Casino. The classy little nightclub offers an array of electro, rock, and contemporary music, making it one of the best places to party. The concert hall in this place is legendary. It has held concerts, which have been graced by several international artists.

Other Attractions

Nightlife experiences will vary from one person to the next. Many joints cater to tourists in Paris, but you will find other exciting places once you pull away from the main city streets. Republique and Oberkampf are particularly exceptional since they draw a multitude of locals and tourists alike. There are also student bars serving inexpensive drinks for those on a budget.

Where to Eat

Only a handful of cities around the world can match what Paris has to offer when it comes to fine dining. Moreover, Parisian cafés have been romanticized in countless books and movies. Republique is no exception, with a ton of cafes, bistros, and restaurants dotting around the place. There is something for all budgets, including child-friendly options for traveling families.


The L’llot is a quaint little seafood joint with an amazingly extensive menu. The amazingly rich palate includes an array of oysters, prawns, tuna, and salmon, among other treats. As you enjoy your food, you can drown it with a glass of white wine from the restaurant bar. The charming ambiance is enough to keep you hanging around for much longer, but so are the amazingly low prices.

Hotel du Nord

Hotel du Nord is a small, quirky establishment on the banks of Canal Saint-Martin. It is famous among Parisians for its appearance in a 1938 film with the same name.  It was turned into a bar and restaurant, but it retains the charm and ambiance of the 1930s. They have novelty French dishes along with a variety of vegetarian-friendly options. It is the perfect place to wind down after an exciting day out at the canal.

Soya Cantine

No city would be complete if it lacked exclusive vegetarian restaurants. Places like the Soya Cantine Bio are the ones that make Paris more welcoming to everyone. The chefs in the place have mastered the art of fusing different vegetable flavors into delightful meals. Topping off the rich menu is a zen-like environment and a range of affordable juices.


The vintage setting is a tiny bit of the dozens of things that stand out for this magnificent corner restaurant. Indeed, it is the true definition of five-star dining at pocket-friendly prices. The rich menu includes a wide variety of seafood, pastries, and vegetable dishes. If you like to wash down your food with a drink, they have a wide variety of wines for your selection.

Wild Shopping Experiences

Do you love to shop? Republique offers a wide array of irresistible shopping experiences, and probably the best that you can find in the city. From this place, you can sample out Parisian high-street fashion from the countless clothing stores. They also have an array of boutiques selling unique collections of perfumes, jewelry, and gourmet chocolate.

Antoine et Lili

Antoine and Lili is a concept store located along the banks of Canal Saint-Martin. You will never miss the place with its iconic pink and yellow frontage. It offers a wide range of collections, from chic dresses to a variety of household décor. The clothing is mainly feminine, with a small collection of kid’s shoes and accessories

Bis Boutique

The Bis boutique is a contemporary clothing store offering designer pieces at bargain prices. It shows a strong sense of social responsibility by offering employment support schemes to community members. Most of the fashion items are used clothes collected by the Catholic Relief Services.

Jeanne A

Jeanne A is a high-street boutique offering a wide array of gourmet pickings, like chocolates, oils, and risottos. All their ingredients are freshly sourced from different countries across Europe. They also have a choice of wines and a range of professional kitchen utensils on sale. You can grab a takeaway or sit out at one of their large, communal tables.

Lulu Berlu

Lulu Berlu is every child’s fantasy. The toyshop is filled with rows and rows of figurines drawn from cartoons and blockbuster movies. They have a treasure trove of collections ranging back from more than half a century ago. They also have a selection of rare collectibles for children and adults alike.

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