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The accommodation guide to find a furnished apartment in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 11/05/2017 -

Preamble This free guide will provide you with the market knowledge you need to find an excellent apartment matching your budget. House hunting in Paris […]

Paris Attitude

Paris Attitude, the 1st furnished rental agency to integrate Facebook Messenger in its customer relations

by Paris Attitude - 02/03/2017 -

Paris Attitude is increasing its efforts to make its service more efficient by taking advantage of new technologies. Today, we make it possible for our […]

Find a Lodging in Paris

Infographics : How do the business travelers find their accommodation in Paris?

by Paris Attitude - 20/02/2017 -

Study on renting habits of furnished apartments. Where do the business travelers usually stay in Paris? Priority on living near the workplace. Downtown Paris is […]

Paris Attitude

Following fashion in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 08/02/2017 -

Renowned couturiers, curious tourists, lanky models, fashion victims of all kinds or business travelers found themselves in different corners of Paris during the last two […]

expatriate in Paris
Student Life

Secrets Shared From a Taiwanese Expat

by Paris Attitude - 28/10/2016 -

Jessy, the expatriate from Taiwan Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Jessy Lin, currently an intern at Socialyse Havas. I am a foreigner here […]

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Paris With Kids: 8 Top Activities

by Paris Attitude - 28/10/2016 -

Visit Paris with children The Natural History Museum The top 10 things to do in Paris with kids begins with a visit to the Musée […]