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Paris Fashion Week 2016

by Paris Attitude - 09/02/2016 -

You may not believe it, but the Autumn and Winter Season 2016 is just around the corner – at least, in fashion terms! There’s no […]

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It’s Pancake time!

by Paris Attitude - 01/02/2016 -

If Crêpes are your kind of French fare, la Chandeleur is the post-Christmas tradition for you! Though like many celebrations it has its roots in […]

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What To Do For Valentine’s day in Paris?

by Paris Attitude - 26/01/2016 -

In Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, every day is like Valentine’s day. But here we give you a few ideas […]

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Chinese New Year in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 05/01/2016 -

In 2016, the main celebrations for Chinese new year will be happening on February 8th in Paris. But with weeks of festivities and cultural events […]

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Who’s Affraid of Women Photographers?

by Paris Attitude - 15/12/2015 -

Marking the culmination of years of new and groundbreaking research into the role of female photographers in the history of the medium, the beautiful Musée […]

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Paris Fashion Week: The Gathering of Fashion Lovers!

by Paris Attitude - 09/12/2015 -

Paris, international fashion capital, has held its Fashion Week 2014. Like New York, London and Milan, designers present the next season’s collections

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UEFA Euro 2016 : Don’t Forget to Book your Accomodation!

by Paris Attitude - 03/12/2015 -

We’ve waited 4 years, but the Euro is finally back! From June 10 to July 10, 2016, France will host the 15th edition of the […]

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Paris Cocktail Week

by Paris Attitude - 01/12/2015 -

Since the meteoric rise of cocktail bars in Paris thanks to the likes of the Experimental Cocktail Club, the speakeasy trend and discerning cocktail-lovers, it’s […]

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Christmas Light Displays in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 05/11/2015 -

As early as November, Paris gets decked out in its Christmas finest, to the delight of young and old alike. Each year, the major department […]

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Pick Up a Signature Scent in Paris’Perfumers

by Paris Attitude - 29/10/2015 -

Paris will always be synonymous with Chanel, and if Chanel is its favourite label, then Chanel Number Five is it signature scent. But there is […]