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Paris With Kids: 8 Top Activities

by Paris Attitude - 28/10/2016 -

Visit Paris with children The Natural History Museum The top 10 things to do in Paris with kids begins with a visit to the Musée […]

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Paris museum pass: make the most of your student trip

by Paris Attitude - 21/10/2016 -

The excitement of Paris at no cost Students know a great deal when they see one, and travelers in Paris will find a wealth of […]

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Romantic couples trips and small family vacations

by Paris Attitude - 14/10/2016 -

 The most idyllic areas of Paris for your couple’s vacation As one of Europe’s most romantic cities, many couples come to Paris to experience its […]

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Mix Parisian life with shopping: The street style of a Parisian fashionista

by Paris Attitude - 14/09/2016 -

Can you start by introducing yourself to us? My name is Justine and I am a communication student in Paris. I’m 22 and live in […]

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Walk Around the Eiffel Tower

by Paris Attitude - 13/04/2016 -

For four decades, the Eiffel Tower was the largest building in the world. It was visited by 250 million people since 1889! It is the […]

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Shakespeare&Co: The Café!

by Paris Attitude - 25/02/2016 -

After years (approximately four decades, in fact), Paris’ most famous bookshop, Shakespeare & Co. has finally realised a dream – opening a café. Just next […]

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Les Caves du Louvre – A Unique Wine Tasting Experience in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 23/02/2016 -

Opened in October 2015, 21st century wine tasting meets an 18th century cave (cellar) at the beautifully designed Caves du Louvre. A feast for the […]

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Yummy and Guilt Free Waffles

by Paris Attitude - 11/02/2016 -

Next time you’re out shopping in the retail wonderland that is BHV and the hour strikes for a snack, we have the answer. Or, more […]

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Valentine’s Day in Paris: Itinerary for a Perfect Day!

by Paris Attitude - 06/02/2016 -

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world! It’s in fact called the city of love! If you’ve decided to celebrate a […]

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Valentine’s Day in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 05/02/2016 -

In Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, every day is like Valentine’s day. But here we give you a few ideas […]