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expatriate in Paris
Student Life

Secrets Shared From a Taiwanese Expat

by Paris Attitude - 28/10/2016 -

Jessy, the expatriate from Taiwan Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Jessy Lin, currently an intern at Socialyse Havas. I am a foreigner here […]

parisian couple tips
Student Life

Anaïs and Quentin, two students who are delighted with their new life in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 21/10/2016 -

The Parisian life of a student couple Firstly, let me congratulate you. You have just started your French blog, where you share some of the […]

shopping paris
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Mix Parisian life with shopping: The street style of a Parisian fashionista

by Paris Attitude - 14/09/2016 -

Can you start by introducing yourself to us? My name is Justine and I am a communication student in Paris. I’m 22 and live in […]