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An Apartment in Paris that Comes with Local Knowledge

by Paris Attitude - 11/08/2017 -

Your place, our local knowledge With Paris Attitude, when you say “my apartment in Paris,” you can truly feel like a local because of our […]

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A different way to discover Paris for curious travelers

by Paris Attitude - 12/07/2017 -

You are planning to visit Paris and you are wondering how to organize your trip? Paris is a wonderful city thanks to its beautiful monuments […]

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Come celebrate Bastille day in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 28/06/2017 -

Paris, the beautiful City of Light, is sparkling all year round. But on July 14th, it offers its inhabitants and tourists an exceptional day full […]

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Book the best activities in Paris

by Paris Attitude - 15/06/2017 -

To organize your stay in Paris and save time, we give you the opportunity to book the best activities in the city! We offer you […]

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Enjoy your trip, we take care of your luggage

by Paris Attitude - 15/06/2017 -

Your stay in Paris is coming soon and you want to enjoy the city without carrying your luggage around? Whether you want to make the […]

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Enjoy a gourmet breakfast delivered directly to your apartment!

by Paris Attitude - 15/06/2017 -

Imagine a morning in your Parisian apartment… You want a gourmet breakfast but you do not want to make any effort, you just want to […]